Looking for an easy and cost-effective way to organize your fishing gear? This simple DIY project using pool noodles can help you create a secure and space-saving fishing pole wall rack. Follow these steps to set up a practical storage solution for your beloved fishing rods.


Materials You’ll Need:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut Slots in the Pool Noodles Using a sharp utility knife or box cutter, carefully cut vertical slots along the length of the pool noodles. These slots should be wide enough to accommodate the handles of your fishing poles.

Step 2: Choose the Wall Location Select a suitable spot on your wall for mounting the fishing pole rack. Ensure it’s high enough to prevent any obstructions and within easy reach.

Step 3: Install Wall Anchors If your wall is made of drywall, it’s essential to install wall anchors to ensure a secure mount. Drill holes and insert the wall anchors where you plan to attach the pool noodles.

Step 4: Mount the Pool Noodles Hold the pool noodles against the wall, making sure they are level. Using screws, attach the pool noodles to the wall through the slots you cut. For added stability, consider securing a sturdy board or pipe horizontally beneath the pool noodles using screws or brackets.

Step 5: Insert Fishing Poles Slide the handles of your fishing poles into the slots of the pool noodles. The pool noodles will cushion and protect the poles, preventing any scratches or damage.

Step 6: Secure Optional Bottom Support If you’ve attached a board or pipe beneath the pool noodles, make sure it’s securely fastened to the wall. This additional support will help distribute the weight of the fishing poles evenly.

Benefits of the Pool Noodle Fishing Pole Rack:

  1. Protection: The soft pool noodles provide a gentle cushion for your fishing poles, preventing scratches and damage.
  2. Space-Saving: Mounting your fishing poles vertically on the wall helps save valuable floor space in your garage or storage area.
  3. Easy Access: With your fishing poles neatly organized on the wall, you can quickly grab the one you need without untangling a mess.
  4. Affordability: Pool noodles are an economical option for creating a fishing pole rack, making this DIY project budget-friendly.

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Transform your fishing gear storage with this innovative DIY fishing pole wall rack using pool noodles. By creating custom slots and securely mounting the pool noodles to the wall, you’ll have a practical and organized solution for keeping your fishing poles easily accessible and well-protected. Enjoy the convenience of a clutter-free space while preserving the condition of your beloved fishing equipment.

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